Press release: Klusiness Café Waterbewust Stadshagen

Stadshagen is acting on climate change with a 'Klusiness Cafe'́ in Grand-Café Milligers on Monday 29 January from 19:30-22:00 hrs. This initiatieve of the Climate Campus offers residents in Stadshagen the opportnity to do something for their own area. The meeting is meant for professionals living and working in Stadshagen en are employed in government, education, social services or business. They have skills and knowledge that can make the difference, also in their own living environment. A condition is that they find it motivating to be actively involved in climate change and are willing to work with others in Stadshagen. During the ‘Klusiness Café Waterbewust Stadshagen’  they can exchange ideas and think of solutions to help their environment towards a watersafe and water rich future.